Zatoichi Shirasaya Sword

Zatoichi Shirasaya Sword is one of the most aesthetically designed swords that have been in use for many years now. Made with carbon steel, this is the sword that acts as a tool of strength of Samurai fighters and has been a preferred tool in all those ferocious fights and wars.

With that full tang blade, the strength of this sword increases and that impressive straight edge design makes it easy for a warrior to hold this in hands quite comfortably when in a fight. The overall look and appeal of the Shirasaya sword is quite impressive and that one piece solid styling adds to this manifold.

This sword is manufactured and stylized in such a way that when a warrior holds it in hands, the saya and handle come out as a complete unit making the grip even stronger. If you are the one who wants to buy a sword and are interested in the Shirasaya, make sure that you do not miss to check out for those three cut outs as these are a mark that the one that you wish to buy is a genuine one. The manufacturers still retain those traditional marks so that it gets easy for the buyers to differentiate between various Samurai swords.

For the ones who want to invest in a sword that looks extremely beautiful and well crafted, there is no better option that Shirasaya.  The handle is so beautifully crafted that anyone would simply fall in love with at the first glance.

The contour of the sword goes with the shape of the warrior’s hands and this is yet another trait that makes this sword stand out from the rest. The construction is not that bulky as there is a small pin that attaches handle to the sword and anyone who has been holding swords can easily manage its grip.

Whether looking for  a sword that takes you back to the Japanese history or the one that acts as a perfect ornamental item, going with the Shirasaya one is surely going to come out as a great decision, make sure that you choose the seller wisely.